Wednesday, November 16, 2011

How to tell if your car is Canadian

You could be forgiven for thinking the snow-entombed car in this photo might be Canadian. In fact, this photo was actually taken in Washington, D.C. by “Woodley Wonderworks”, where a car buried in a few inches of snow is a big novelty that must be digitally documented. Which is how you know that this car really isn’t Canadian. We see this all the time and it’s boo-ring.

But here are some tell-tale signs that your car is truly, madly and deeply Canadian:

  • Your car is sporting winter tires but only because you waited until it actually snowed, dashing your hopes that Toronto might finally, magically turn into Jamaica.
  • Your car is not a convertible.
  • Your car is not a motorcyle.
  • There is a ripped-up, stanky old “Go Leafs Go” t-shirt lying on the floor that’s used to clean your tires.
  • The coin drawer is jammed full of Canadian Tire money. There are no coins in it. We do not have coin-operated road tolls.
  • In the glove compartment, there is bug spray, serviettes, and a pack of Smarties.
  • There is a warm plaid blanket on your back seat, even in August.
  • You carry a snow brush and ice scraper in your trunk year round.
  • There are heated mirrors … inside.
  • At least one of your radio presets is a traffic station.
  • At least one empty Tim Horton’s coffee cup lurks somewhere. It’s next to the Robertson screwdriver.

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